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Frear Law is an immigration law firm that serves and celebrates US immigrants. Immigrants have founded iconic American companies like Google, Tesla and AT&T...they enrich our culture and power our businesses...My admiration for this group motivates me to provide knowledgeable, friendly and effective legal guidance for amazing immigrants, foreign nationals & their employers.

Ben Frear, ESQ

Immigration Lawyer Services

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Green Cards Through Marriage & Family

Frear Law helps married couples & families navigate the immigration process—without stress or overwhelm.

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Employment Based Green Cards & Work Visas

We help organizations obtain work visas & green cards for founders, executives, managers & talented employees.

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Immigration for Entrepreneurs & Investors

Frear Law proudly helps entrepreneurs & investors achieve their immigration goals.

Do You Need An Immigration Lawyer?

Not necessarily. 100% of my clients have the ability to handle their own immigration case. However, they decide to hire an immigration lawyer because they want to save themselves the considerable time & stress involved in navigating the complex US immigration law system without a seasoned guide.

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HOW OUR Immigration Lawyer Services Are Different


We offer a limited number of immigration lawyer services. This enables us to stay up to date on our practice areas and deliver a fantastic client experience.


Frear Law is a tech enabled law practice. Using modern technology allows us to collaborate seamlessly with clients across the globe.


You will not have to worry about not being able to reach your immigration lawyer. Our immigration services include unlimited communication.

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