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Frear Law is an immigration law firm focused on helping families, entrepreneurs and small businesses navigate the complex US immigration system.

Our core belief is that immigrants are responsible for enriching our communities and strengthening our businesses. This belief motivates us to provide knowledgable, friendly and effective legal guidance for amazing immigrants, foreign nationals and their employers.

Business Immigration

There are a number of visa options available to employers who want to employ talented foreign nationals.

Employment based non immigrant visas include the H1b Visa, the L1 Visa, the O1 Visa and the E2 visa.

We offer strategy and guidance for entrepreneurs and high growth businesses seeking to use work visas to retain world class talent and grow their organizations. We also serve as immigration lawyer for employers who want to sponsor their employees for green cards(eb1, eb2, eb3).

In addition to helping established businesses in the US, we can assist immigrant entrepreneurs who are starting new ventures and need an Immigration Lawyer to help navigate the complex world of US Immigration Law. 

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Family Immigration

For many of us, family is everything. Even a brief period of separation from family members can be extremely difficult. Understanding this reality, it is our goal to help families unite and build the lives of their dreams in the United States.

We can do this by guiding our clients through the green card process. Our family based immigration services include adjustment of status, consular processing, K1 visas and waivers of inadmissibility.


People oftentimes dream of obtaining US Citizenship for years. Frear Law helps amazing immigrants who are interested in pursuing their dreams of becoming a US Citizen. Since people have different needs, we offer various levels of services for citizenship seekers. You can retain an immigration lawyer to review your documentation for accuracy and advise you on any potential issues that may arise. As an alternative, you can hire an immigration lawyer to provide traditional full representation where we help you through the entire process which includes gathering necessary documentation, filing the proper forms and helping you prepare for the interview.

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Immigration for Entrepreneurs

Immigrant entrepreneurs in the United States have a rich history of starting and growing amazing companies. For every Elon Musk, there are thousands of lesser known immigrants who have built large and small businesses in our communities. We proudly serve immigrant founders of new and existing businesses who are entering the United States market for the first time. The options for this group include E2 Visas for Startups and New Office L1 Visas for existing foreign businesses that are expanding into the United States.

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Frear Law is an Immigration Law Firm that focuses on providing creative solutions that help families unite and enable businesses to thrive.

Our core belief is that immigrants are responsible for enhancing our communities and strengthening our businesses. This belief motivates us to provide the best possible solutions for amazing immigrants, foreign nationals and their employers.

We endeavor to provide guidance as your immigration lawyer and partner.

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