e2 change of status success story blog featured image

In this post, I share an E2 change of status example. I discuss the investment, the E2 change of status process and more.

e2 visa processing time blog post

In this post, E2 visa lawyer Ben Frear discusses tips for finding the E2 visa processing time for the post where you will apply.

how to start an e2 visa business thumbnail

In this post, I cover the essential steps that you can take to start an E2 visa business. We cover E2 requirements and practical steps.

the e2 visa fee (1)

In this post, Immigration lawyer, Ben Frear discusses the updated E2 visa fee, which is set to rise from $190 to $310 starting May 30, 2023.

separating e2 visa facts from fiction

This post/video discusses some common E2 Visa misconceptions that could derail your E2 Visa Application.

Help! My E-2 Visa Was Refused!

Why was this E-2 visa refused? This post and video discusses why a potential client’s E-2 visa application was refused after his interview.

2023 e-2 visa updates and trends

This video/post covers 2023 E-2 visa trends and updates including E-2 visa eligibility updates, backlogs and predictions.

can you quickly get an e-2 visa blog image

This post discusses the possibility of obtaining an E-2 visa fast.

e-2 premium processing video embed thumbnail (1)

In this post/video, I discuss E-2 premium processing for change of status applications made from within the United States.

2023 e-2 visa update e-2 visa after citizenship by investment

In this video/post I share a 2023 update on the option of obtaining E2 Visas After Citizenship by Investment.

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