SERP Thumbnail E-2 for Portugal

In this video/post I discuss the E-2 Visa for Portugal. Starting in 2023 talented Portuguese entrepreneurs will be E-2 Visa eligible!

feature image eb1a green card for entrepreneurs

Is the Eb1a the best green card for entrepreneurs? This post explores the Eb1a green card perks and requirements.

featured blog image spending my e-2 visa investment

This video/post discusses a common question that I hear in my practice. That question is…”when do I need to spend my e-2 visa investment.”

tn national interest waivers for founders (1)

In this post I cover national interest waivers for startup founders. The NIW is one of many US immigration options for entrepreneurs.

e-2 visa business examples 2022

In this video/post, I share three E-2 visa business examples that I saw in my immigration law practice during Summer, 2022.

why my business would not have qualified for the e-2 visa_blog cover image

In this video/post, I discuss the reasons why my law practice(a professional services business) would not have qualified for the E-2 visa.

cleaning business for the e-2 visa BLOG COVER IMAGE (1)

This post/video discusses the advantages and disadvantages of investing in a cleaning business for the E-2 visa.

Main Image: E-2 Visa or the National Interest Waiver

This post/video addresses this question…which US immigration option is best for entrepreneurs: the National Interest Waiver or the E-2 Visa?

who should not apply for the e-2 visa blog thumbnail

In this video, E-2 visa lawyer, Ben Frear discusses three types of people who may want to re-think their plans to apply for the E-2 visa.

Copy of Three Lessons Learned From Tope Awotona's Journey

This post and video shares three lessons that I learned from the story of Calendly founder, Tope Awotona.

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