E2 Visa

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In this video, US immigration lawyer Ben Frear provides an overview of the E2 visa for UK citizens who want to invest in a US based business.

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This post, by US immigration lawyer Ben Frear, explores the possibility for foreign students to go from F-1 to E-2 visa status.


In this post, E2 visa lawyer Ben Frear shares the nine common steps of the E2 visa process for entrepreneurs.

feature image_using gift for the e-2 visa

In this post, we delve into the possibility of using a gift to secure an E-2 visa and illustrate this concept with a recent real-world case.

featured image e2 visa processing times in london

In this post, we share insights on the E2 visa processing time in London.

2023 changes to the foreign affairs manual

In this post, we discuss changes to the US foreign affairs manual that will impact some E2 visa applicants and their families.

thumbnail seller financing for the e-2 visa

In this post, we explore some of the challenges associated with using seller financing for the E-2 visa investment.

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In this post/video, we discuss the E1 vs. E2 visa. Discover which visa is suitable for traders and investors, along with basic requirements.

e2 change of status success story blog featured image

In this post, I share an E2 change of status example. I discuss the investment, the E2 change of status process and more.

e2 visa processing time blog post

In this post, E2 visa lawyer Ben Frear discusses tips for finding the E2 visa processing time for the post where you will apply.

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