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Navigating the complexities of the E2 visa can be daunting, especially when questions about investment amounts arise. Is it possible to secure an E2 visa with an investment of less than $100,000? Many prospective entrepreneurs are concerned because their business costs fall below this threshold. In this post, immigration lawyer Ben Frear delves into the myths and facts surrounding the E2 visa, clarifying how the Foreign Affairs Manual’s guidelines and the proportionality test can influence your chances of approval. Discover why some believe in the $100,000 minimum and learn how even low-cost businesses can meet the visa’s requirements.

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Running multiple businesses on the E2 Visa is possible, but it requires careful planning. In this blog post, immigration lawyer Ben Frear discusses three scenarios: the DBA setup, the HoldCo setup, and being a passive investor. Each approach has its own advantages and considerations, helping you understand the best way to expand your entrepreneurial ventures while complying with E2 Visa regulations.

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In this blog post, Ben Frear discusses how purchasing a gas station in America can be a strategic move to qualify for the E2 visa, which allows entrepreneurs to run a business in the US. Through a recent case study, he highlights the key benefits of gas station businesses, including consistent demand, diverse revenue streams, and strategic locations. Discover why gas stations are a popular choice for foreign nationals seeking the E2 visa and gain insights into the essential requirements for a successful application.

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The E2 Visa in 2024: Is the U.S. still the land of opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs? Join Ben Frear, an immigration lawyer for entrepreneurs, as he delves into the E2 visa landscape, examining the allure of the U.S. for entrepreneurs and the challenges and opportunities presented by new business trends. Learn about the critical role of the E2 visa, which allows foreign nationals to start and grow their businesses in the U.S., and find out how outsourcing, AI, and technological advancements might impact visa qualifications and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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E2 Visa Escrow Agreements

Discover the strategic advantage of E2 visa escrow agreements for international entrepreneurs. This post explains how securing your investment in an escrow account can safeguard your financial interests, providing peace of mind as you navigate the E2 visa application process.

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The E-2 Visa Journey of Two Israeli Entrepreneurs in the US

In the quest for entrepreneurial success in the United States, the story of two Israeli entrepreneurs stands as a beacon of inspiration. Their journey from conceptualizing a unique outdoor products and services business to making it a vibrant reality in the US highlights the transformative power of the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa. Guided by strategic investment and meticulous planning, these entrepreneurs navigated the complexities of the US immigration system, demonstrating the importance of a robust business plan and the right professional guidance. Their story not only celebrates their entrepreneurial spirit but also serves as a vital guide for international entrepreneurs eyeing the US market.

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