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Overwhelm is Common During the E2 Visa Journey

Like many people, I tend to get overwhelmed. This feeling is most intense when I am considering a new business tactic that requires substantial research and mental energy. Trying to figure out a social media strategy, sales funnels and SEO can make my head spin. Therefore, I can relate when people tell me that they are feeling overwhelmed at the beginning of the E2 Visa process. The thought of finding the right business idea; making a large investment; and then applying for the E2 Visa can be daunting. 

Whenever I talk to people who are at the beginning stages of the process, I tell them to start with this step…

Learning About the Process

I tell them that they should start by looking at the Foreign Affairs Manual(FAM). This manual(which is published by the US Government) shows us how the government evaluates E2 Visa applications. The FAM discusses the requirements and offers examples. It gives you a roadmap to a successful application. 

Following the requirements will put you in good shape. Ignoring them will likely result in a frustrating denial. After you obtain a basic understanding of the visa, you can then move on to other sources to gain a deeper understanding of the issues.

If you do not fully educate yourself at the outset, this scenario may arise…

You may spend a lot of mental energy on a business idea. Then, you may consult with an immigration lawyer who gives you disappointing news. They may tell you that while your business idea sounds lovely, it is not a good fit for the E2 Visa.

Do not go deep down the rabbit hole of business idea research at the outset of your E2 Visa journey.

Instead, start with educating yourself on the visa. Develop a foundation of knowledge about the requirements. Consider the benefits and the drawbacks of the visa. Then, once you have a solid foundation, you will have a lens through which you can effectively evaluate business possibilities in the US. 

So…here is a basic action plan that you can follow at the beginning of your journey:

  1. Check out the FAM
  2. Use other sources/consult with an immigration lawyer to further educate yourself about the ins and outs of the E2 Visa
  3. Look for a business that will work for E2 Visa purposes

By following the steps in this order, you will alleviate overwhelm. You will also avoid wasting time looking at businesses that are not suitable for E2 purposes.

I hope that this general information was helpful. If you have questions about the E2 Visa or other Business Immigration matters, feel free to reach me at

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