separating e2 visa facts from fiction

This post/video discusses some common E2 Visa misconceptions that could derail your E2 Visa Application.

Help! My E-2 Visa Was Refused!

Why was this E-2 visa refused? This post and video discusses why a potential client’s E-2 visa application was refused after his interview.

2023 e-2 visa updates and trends

This video/post covers 2023 E-2 visa trends and updates including E-2 visa eligibility updates, backlogs and predictions.

can you quickly get an e-2 visa blog image

This post discusses the possibility of obtaining an E-2 visa fast.

e-2 premium processing video embed thumbnail (1)

In this post/video, I discuss E-2 premium processing for change of status applications made from within the United States.

2023 e-2 visa update e-2 visa after citizenship by investment

In this video/post I share a 2023 update on the option of obtaining E2 Visas After Citizenship by Investment.

SERP Thumbnail E-2 for Portugal

In this video/post I discuss the E-2 Visa for Portugal. Starting in 2023 talented Portuguese entrepreneurs will be E-2 Visa eligible!

feature image eb1a green card for entrepreneurs

Is the Eb1a the best green card for entrepreneurs? This post explores the Eb1a green card perks and requirements.


This video/post discusses a common question that I hear in my practice. That question is…”when do I need to spend my e-2 visa investment.”


In this post I cover national interest waivers for startup founders. The NIW is one of many US immigration options for entrepreneurs.

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