Main Image: E-2 Visa or the National Interest Waiver

This post/video addresses this question…which US immigration option is best for entrepreneurs: the National Interest Waiver or the E-2 Visa?

who should not apply for the e-2 visa blog thumbnail

In this video, E-2 visa lawyer, Ben Frear discusses three types of people who may want to re-think their plans to apply for the E-2 visa.

Copy of Three Lessons Learned From Tope Awotona's Journey

This post and video shares three lessons that I learned from the story of Calendly founder, Tope Awotona.

e-2 visas for restaurants header

This post/video discusses E-2 Visas for Restaurants. Restaurant based investments are popular, but there are pros and cons to this option.

i-94 for e-2 investors header image

This video/post covers the I-94 for E-2 investors who 1) have an E-2 visa or 2) are planning to apply for E-2 status.

header image e-2 visa in 2022

In this video/post, I discuss the E-2 Visa in 2022. I share observations from the first half of 2022 and predictions for the second half.

header-e-2 visa in for an e-commerce business

This video and post discusses the possibility of obtaining an E-2 Visa for an e-commerce business.

wp 2022 e-2 visa countries

This video lists the 2022 E-2 Visa Countries.

applying for an e-2 visa in a non treaty country featured image

This post/video discusses the option of applying for the E-2 visa in a non treaty country.

main image e-2 visa for canadians

The post/video discusses the E-2 visa for Canadians. This option is becoming increasingly popular for many Canadian citizens.

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