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US citizenship denials unfortunately happen on a regular basis. These denials lead to a lot of frustration, especially if you feel that you were denied for an invalid reason. The good news is that there is an appeal process that your immigration lawyer can guide you through in order to get relief from an improper […]

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charlotte immigration lawyer

THE US VISA INTERVIEW: WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW Immigration lawyers frequently discuss the topic of the US visa interview  interview with their clients. Most foreign nationals who want to enter the United States will be required to attend an interview at the consulate abroad. This interview can be daunting considering the fact that many people

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The K1 Visa Guide Table of Contents Overview of the K1 Visa In our globalized modern world, love often strikes between foreign nationals and US citizens.  When a US citizen becomes engaged to a foreign national residing outside the United States, the K1 visa can be used to bring the foreign national fiancé to the

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There is a particularly heinous breed of criminal that preys on undocumented immigrants. These criminals are emboldened by the belief that undocumented immigrants are unlikely to report crimes due to fear of deportation. Unfortunately, there is some support for this assumption. The National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project conducted a survey in 2017 that sought the

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THE E2 VISA FOR UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS It is in the US economy’s best interest to allow amazing immigrant entrepreneurs to establish and grow businesses in the United States. This post examines the question of whether it is possible for an undocumented immigrant to use an E2 visa to operate a business in the United States?

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6 Tips For Acing Your Marriage Based Green Card Interview Benjamin Frear, Esq. Immigration Lawyer For Families—Practicing Immigration Law Through The US 6 Tips For Acing Your Marriage Based Green Card Interview When you are going through the green card process, it is natural to feel some anxiety about the upcoming interview. The stakes are

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Employment Based Green Cards Oftentimes, employers are blown away by the skill level of their foreign national employees. It is common for this group to work hard, complete their projects on time and quickly become invaluable members of the team. Naturally, managers and business owners soon begin to think about how nice it would be

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e2 visa charlotte immigration lawyer THE E-2 VISA—A Great Option for Startups& Entrepreneurs I practice immigration law because I am consistently impressed by the accomplishments of American Immigrants. Out of all the amazing immigrants that we are lucky to have, immigrant entrepreneurs stand out as a particularly inspiring group. American immigrant entrepreneurs oftentimes arrive in the United States with

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The short answer to this question is yes! If your spouse is undocumented or out of status, there are steps that you can take that will allow him or her to become a Lawful Permanent Resident Green Card holder. This article gives a brief overview of the qualifications that your spouse must meet and the

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