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key e2 visa requirements

This post discusses five key E2 Visa requirements to help you decide if the E2 Visa is a good fit for you. I hope that it is helpful!

THE H2B VISA PROCESS Benjamin Frear, Esq. Practicing US Business Immigration Law Throughout The US Immigration lawyers oftentimes receive calls from people who are interested in hiring temporary workers from abroad. Recently, I received such a call from a business owner who was interested in obtaining an H2b Visa for a prospective employee. I told …

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eb1a green card blog image

This post provides a brief overview of the Eb1a Green Card category including the application process and requirements.

e2 visa lawyer charlotte immigration lawyer

The E2 Visa Renewal Process Immigration lawyers are oftentimes asked about the E2 Visa and the E2 Visa Renewal Process. The E2 Visa presents a fantastic opportunity for foreign national entrepreneurs to start a business in the United States. However, it does come with some drawbacks. One drawback is that there is not a clean …

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three paths to a green card white board charlotte immigration lawyer

This whiteboard video discusses three common ways to obtain a US Green Card. Immigration lawyers commonly help people obtain green cards through family relationships and employment. Here are some of the options: Green Card Through Marriage: There is no annual limit on green cards issued to spouses of US citizens. As a result, this is …

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franchises for e2 visa charlotte immigration lawyer

SHOULD YOU START AN E2 VISA FRANCHISE BUSINESS? It is understandable why the idea of opening an E2 Visa franchise business is enticing. Franchisees enjoy the independence of small business ownership while simultaneously having support and guidance from the franchisor. Also, they typically enjoy a marketing advantage if brand recognition has already been established—or if …

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e2 visa explained

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e2 visa business plan

The E2 Visa Business Plan:KEY Issues To Address Ben Frear, Esq. Immigration Lawyer for Entrepreneurs So, you’ve submitted your E2 visa application and now it’s time for the adjudicator to take a close look at your business. They want to know if you have a real business, if it will create jobs, and if you’ve …

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