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There are a number of options that will enable you to secure a US visa after making an investment. This post will walk you through three options that are commonly explored by foreign nationals who want to obtain an investor visa for the USA. Investor Visa to USA | OPTION #1: The E2 Visa Perhaps …

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The TN Visa Employer Requirements

The goal of this post is to convince you that TN Visa employer requirements are manageable I know that as an employer, you have a lot going on.  You are managing your team while taking care of your customers/clients, finances, marketing etc. Given your workload, when you find a great candidate for an open position, …

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Recently, I was contacted by an impressive entrepreneur who was in a jam. He was recently denied an E2 visa because he did not prove that his investment was irrevocably committed to the business. Sadly, this is an extremely common reason for an E2 visa denial. Oftentimes, applicants mistakenly believe that by placing the investment …

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the tn visa process

This post explores provides an overview of the TN Visa process for those who qualify as NAFTA professionals. It is designed to help amazing Canadian & Mexican employees and US employers who want to know what to expect. Two Options for TN Applicants: US Port of Entry and USCIS The first thing to understand is …

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This video walks you through the E2 Visa process that we go through when working with a client.

l1 visa requirements blog graphic

This video gives a brief overview of the L1 Visa Requirements. Feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss the L1 Visa requirements in detail.

Employers oftentimes want to sponsor an amazing foreign national for a green card but they don’t know where to start. For most types of positions, the employer will start by conducting a test of the US labor market. After government approval, the employer can then apply for the employee’s green card. This process, known as …

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e2 visa to greencard status for and e2 visa employee

Immigration lawyers are commonly asked if there is a path to a Green Card for an E2 Visa employee. Fortunately, it is possible to help an amazing employee obtain a green card. However, it is important to understand that the routes to a green card will vary depending on the position of the E2 Visa employee. …

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