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adjustment of status through marriage to a us citizen

 Adjustment of status through marriage to a US citizen Filing for adjustment of status is a popular move for spouses of us citizens who are already in the United States. The basic process looks like this… Marriage  File a number of forms and supporting documents  Attend an interview  Get a green card  Now of course,

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THE AFFIDAVIT OF BONA FIDE MARRIAGE The Affidavit of bona fide marriage is a helpful piece of evidence that can be submitted with your marriage based green card application. Although they not required, the affidavits can add life to your application and demonstrate that your marriage is not a sham. Do You Need an Affidavit

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HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT K1 VISA ATTORNEY First off…congrats. If you are reading this, you are probably engaged(or close to getting engaged) and you are looking for information to help you find a K1 visa attorney. The K1 visa is great because it allows a foreign national fiance to come to the US to

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If you are someone who is thinking about applying for a green card based on your recent or upcoming marriage to a US Citizen, you likely have a lot of questions. One question that people ask is “how does the application process work?” This flowchart is designed to answer that question for people who are

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three paths to a green card white board charlotte immigration lawyer

This whiteboard video discusses three common ways to obtain a US Green Card. Immigration lawyers commonly help people obtain green cards through family relationships and employment. Here are some of the options: Green Card Through Marriage: There is no annual limit on green cards issued to spouses of US citizens. As a result, this is

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proving bona fide marriage green card immigration lawyer

Whenever you are applying for your spouse to obtain a green card, you will have to comply with a number of requirements. Many of these requirements are fairly straightforward. For example, you will have to file the form I-130 along with other documentation. This documentation includes passport style photos of you and your spouse. It

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adjustment of status green card after a visa overstay

ADJUSTMENT OF STATUS AFTER A VISA OVERSTAY A couple of people contacted my office recently who were facing the same dilemma. They had overstayed on their visas and wanted to know about the possibility of staying in the United States with their US citizen spouses. They wanted to know: Would they have to leave the

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212d3 waiver charlotte immigration lawyer

One of the amazing things about working as an immigration lawyer is that you are in a position to help who are in really difficult situations. A man in his twenties contacted me recently and shared his sad yet inspiring story. A Troubled Teenager When this man was in his late teens he was going through

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