adjustment of status green card after a visa overstay

ADJUSTMENT OF STATUS AFTER A VISA OVERSTAY A couple of people contacted my office recently who were facing the same dilemma. They had overstayed on their visas and wanted to know about the possibility of staying in the United States with their US citizen spouses. They wanted to know: Would they have to leave the …

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e2 visa explained

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212d3 waiver charlotte immigration lawyer

One of the amazing things about working as an immigration lawyer is that you are in a position to help who are in really difficult situations. A man in his twenties contacted me recently and shared his sad yet inspiring story. A Troubled Teenager When this man was in his late teens he was going through …

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601A Waiver Charlotte Immigration Lawyer

One common scenario that immigration lawyers come across looks like this: A person risks their life by crossing the desert and entering the United States without being inspected at the border. The person then begins living and working in the United States. After living in the US for a period of time he/she  falls in …

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k1 visa checklist immigration lawyer

If you are reading this post, you are probably considering the K1 visa for you and your fiance. The initial process for the K1 visa involves completing the form I-129F and submitting supporting documentation. This may sound fairly straight forward, but sadly many I-129F petitions fail due to inadequate supporting documentation. This checklist can be …

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e2 visa business plan

The E2 Visa Business Plan: Three Issues To Address Benjamin Frear, Esq. Immigration Lawyer For Entrepreneurs & Investors After you submit your E2 visa application, the adjudicator is going to look at your business with a critical eye. Do you have a real business? Has a sufficient amount been invested to make it work? A …

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perm labor certification immigration lawyer

In our modern business climate, employers need specialized workers. Businesses do not want employees who can do 1,000 things fairly well. They want employees that can do a hand full of tasks at an extremely high level. Unfortunately, the process of searching for such employees is frustrating. My wife, who was a recruiter for a …

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h1b visa charlotte immigration lawyer

PLEASE NOTE: Important changes have been made to the H1b process. For the latest information, check out this guide. As I write this, it is mid December, in the heart of the holiday season. After the holiday fog lifts, it will be time for many HR managers to begin planning for a different but equally …

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the entrepreneur's path from e2 visa to green card

Recently, I talked to a guy who is living in the United States on an E2 Visa. After speaking with him for a few minutes, it became clear that he is a top flight entrepreneur. He is operating a thriving business, employing American workers and benefiting the economy. Despite the immense value that he is …

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212d3 immigration waiver charlotte immigration lawyer

There are harsh consequences for people who have stayed in the US beyond their authorized period of stay. Once your authorized period of stay expires, you will begin accumulating unlawful presence. This is serious because unlawful presence that totals 180 days results in a three year unlawful presence bar from entering the United States. Unlawful …

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