1st Step of your e2 visa journey

THE FIRST STEP ON YOUR E2 VISA JOURNEY Benjamin Frear, Esq. Immigration Lawyer For Entrepreneurs & Employers Overwhelm is Common During the E2 Visa Journey Like many people, I tend to get overwhelmed. This feeling is most intense when I am considering a new business tactic that requires substantial research and mental energy. Trying to …

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best entrepreneur visa usa

THE BEST ENTREPRENEUR VISA FOR THE USA? The Best Entrepreneur Visa For The USA? There are a number of business visas that enable world class entrepreneurs from all around the world to grow their businesses in the US. Unfortunately, deciding which option to pursue can be challenging.  How Can An Entrepreneur Use The E2 Visa? …

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L1 VISA REQUIREMENTS FOR EMPLOYEES Benjamin Frear, Esq. Immigration Lawyer For Entrepreneurs, Employers and World Class Performers Introduction: L1 Visas Requirements for Employees The L1 Visa enables companies to transfer world class employees to a related US based company. In a previous post, I briefly discussed the employer requirements for the L1 Visa. I also …

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The L1 Visa is a fantastic visa option that allows multinational companies to transfer highly skilled workers to the US. Petitions for L1 visas have always been closely reviewed by the US government. However, they are now subject to unprecedented scrutiny due to president trump’s Buy American, Hire American Executive Order(BAHA).  As a result of …


E2 Employee Visa

THE E2 EMPLOYEE VISA: WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW You may already know that the E2 Visa is an amazing option for individual investors. However, many people do not know that they can be great visas for employees as well. In this post, I provide general information about the benefits of an E2 Visa. I also …

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post from immigration lawyer about the TN Visa

TN STATUS: 6 THINGS THAT CANADIANS SHOULD KNOW Benjamin Frear, Esq. US Business Immigration Lawyer—Practicing Immigration Law Throughout The US When NAFTA was signed on January 1, 1994, it created the world’s largest free trade area. The agreement also created special visa categories for amazing Canadian professionals who want to bring their unique talents to …

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pitfalls to avoid during the e2 visa process

Recently, I was hired by a gentleman who needed help with his E2 Visa application. He was overwhelmed by the idea of starting a business while simultaneously trying to navigate the complex visa process. Over the course of several months we worked together to ensure that the E2 Visa process would go smoothly. As we …

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key e2 visa requirements

This post discusses five key E2 Visa requirements to help you decide if the E2 Visa is a good fit for you. I hope that it is helpful!

THE H2B VISA PROCESS Benjamin Frear, Esq. Practicing US Business Immigration Law Throughout The US Immigration lawyers oftentimes receive calls from people who are interested in hiring temporary workers from abroad. Recently, I received such a call from a business owner who was interested in obtaining an H2b Visa for a prospective employee. I told …

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eb1a green card blog image

This post provides a brief overview of the Eb1a Green Card category including the application process and requirements.

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