In this post, I share some insights and tips with you on how to start an E2 visa business(ie. a US business that can be used to apply for the E2 visa). 

We’ll be covering everything from why starting a business in the US is beneficial to E2 visa considerations, market research, choosing the right legal structure, and I will also offer some practical steps for starting and running an American company.

So, if you’re thinking about starting a business that can be used to obtain the E2 visa, then you’re in the right place! Let’s dive into it!

The Benefits of Starting an E2 Visa Business

Starting a business in the US can be extremely beneficial for entrepreneurs, especially since there are many resources available to help navigate the complex legal and administrative aspects of running a business. These resources include legal and accounting services, mentorship programs, networking events, and online resources. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, offering access to funding, mentorship, and other types of support.

Another significant advantage of starting a business in the US is the large and diverse market. With a vast population, businesses have access to an enormous potential customer base. The population is highly diverse, so businesses can explore a wide variety of potential niches and target markets. Additionally, the US is home to some of the world’s most successful and innovative companies, which means that businesses that establish themselves in the US market may have the opportunity to collaborate with or learn from these industry leaders.

Lastly, the political climate in the US is generally stable and predictable, which can provide a sense of security for entrepreneurs looking to start and grow their businesses.

Let’s keep going and discuss the practical steps you can take to start and run your own American business.

Steps to Start and Develop Your E2 Visa Business

Step 1: Consider Immigration Options

Before you launch your company, you need to consider how you will be able to legally run your business from within the United States. For many entrepreneurs, the E2 visa is the best option. However, you should consult an immigration lawyer to determine if the E2 visa will work for you and your business in light of your nationality, investment, and anticipated personnel needs(for a basic overview of some of the key E2 visa requirements, check out this post). If the E2 visa is not possible, you could explore alternatives such as the L1 visa, O1 visa or the National Interest Waiver Green Card.

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Step 2: Develop Your Idea and Marketing Strategy

Once you have sorted out the immigration part, the next step is to develop your idea and marketing strategy. You need to know if there is a market for your product or service before starting a business in America. You must identify your target market and find out as much as you can about them, including their buying habits, preferences, and pain points. Additionally, analyzing the competition can help you to identify opportunities to differentiate your business and stand out in the market. Lastly, consider market trends and develop a rough marketing plan to ensure your business is relevant and appealing to customers.

Step 3: Establish Your Business Structure

After you have a firm grasp of your market, you can choose the legal structure that works best for you, such as an LLC, or C Corporation. Each structure has its own benefits and drawbacks, so consult with a professional and choose the one that aligns with your business goals.

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Step 4: Establish Operations

Now that you’ve got your business registered, it’s time to get things rolling. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

First, make sure you have all the necessary licenses and permits to legally operate your business. Depending on what kind of business you’re running and where you’re located, you might need things like zoning permits, health department permits, or professional licenses. Don’t forget this step to avoid any legal hiccups later on!

Next up, think about where you want to set up shop. This could be a physical storefront, office space, or an online shop. Consider what would work best for your business and your customers.

Now it’s time to get equipped! Set up a business bank account and purchase all the equipment you need to get your business running smoothly. This could mean anything from office furniture to specialized machinery. Make a list of what you need to make your business work and get shopping.

Don’t forget about your finances! Set up your accounting and bookkeeping systems to keep track of your money and stay on top of taxes. If you’re not great with numbers, consider hiring an accountant or bookkeeper to help out.

If you’re planning to hire employees, you’ll need to set up payroll and benefits systems while making sure you’re following labor laws and regulations.

Lastly, establish your business processes such as customer service, inventory management, and order fulfillment. Technology and automation can be super helpful in making things run smoothly and efficiently.

Remember, setting up your business operations might take some time and effort, but it’s important to ensure that things run smoothly in the long run.

Step 5: Apply for Your Visa

If you need an E2 visa this is the point in time when you would submit your application.

You may be thinking…wait a minute. I already set up my business and purchased everything that I need. Why wouldn’t I apply for the E2 visa before spending all of that money? The reason why you don’t apply earlier is because the E2 visa requires an at-risk investment and a real and operating business

If you apply before you spend your money, you will likely be denied on the basis that you have not made an at-risk investment. 

Also, please note that the interview for your E2 visa may take a long time to schedule. Please make sure to talk to lawyers and reach out to the consular post through which you are applying to gain an understanding of the expected wait time.

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Step 6: Launch and Adapt 

Once you’ve got your visa sorted out, it’s time to start actively managing your business in the US. 

This is the fun part, but you will quickly realize that running a business is not a one-and-done deal. It’s a dynamic process that requires constant monitoring and adapting to changes. So, here are some tips to help you monitor and adapt your business:

First, keep a close eye on your finances. Regularly review your financial statements and cash flow to make sure your business is profitable and sustainable.

Next, pay attention to customer feedback. Take note of what your customers are saying about your products or services, and use that feedback to make improvements that better meet their needs.

It’s also important to stay up-to-date on what your competitors are doing. This will help you identify opportunities and threats in the marketplace, and make adjustments to your strategy as needed.

Make sure to keep an eye on industry trends and emerging technologies. This can help you stay ahead of the curve and position your business for success.

And, remember to be willing to pivot your strategy if necessary. Sometimes, you may need to make changes to better align with changing market conditions or customer needs.

By monitoring your business regularly and adapting as needed, you’ll be able to position your business for long-term success in the ever-changing landscape of business in America.

Conclusion: How to Start an E2 Visa Business

To sum it up, starting a US business can be an awesome opportunity for entrepreneurs to reach a broad and diverse market, with lots of resources and support. 

But keep in mind that launching an E2 visa business takes a lot of time, effort, hard work and deliberate action. It’s definitely not an easy task, but with the right mindset, planning, and support, you can achieve great success!

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Ben Frear, Esq.

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