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In this post, I share the story of one of my heroes. Rose Blumkin(AKA Mrs. B) was a 4’10” immigrant who could not speak English when she arrived in the US.  After her arrival in Omaha Nebraska, she opened a used clothing with her husband. 20 years later—with a $500 investment—she started selling furniture out of

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The L1 Visa is a fantastic visa option that allows multinational companies to transfer highly skilled workers to the US. Petitions for L1 visas have always been closely reviewed by the US government. However, they are now subject to unprecedented scrutiny due to president trump’s Buy American, Hire American Executive Order(BAHA).  As a result of


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PLEASE NOTE: Frear Law offers this general information as a public service. We do not handle asylum cases. If you are interested in applying for affirmative asylum, you can contact one of the many talented and passionate US asylum lawyers. Working on an asylum case makes most immigration lawyers deeply proud of their profession. I

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